Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Cheap Services and Tips


Usually young people have certain discounts and privileges in things like transport, leisure or education. However, most of the times the student card you got before leaving home is the one that offers you less discounts, and it's not until after a few months of being in a new place that you find out that you could have saved half of the money in bus tickets or that you had free entrance to the museums third Sunday of the month.

Well, here we want to give you all this information right before you leave so you can take the most profit of it. Besides, we feature also important information about how to get cheaper accommodation and plane, boat, train or bus tickets hoping that it will be really useful if you are going on a project, on holidays, or just checking your future hosting city.



Here you see a list of some bus companies special pointed to the youth:


A good choice is always InterRail, where you can get some sort of train flatrate for a short amount of time. If you're just looking for very few tickets, it is always a good choice to book as early as possible, preferably online. A lot of train companies also offer special cards with which you always get cheaper tickets for a small yearly fare.


Websites specialized in finding a cheap flight ticket:

Youth Hostels

Below you'll find the different links of different youth hostel sites, these sites came from our selection:

By Country

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Youth Cards

The Euro<26 youth card is issued in 35 European countries. Wherever the card is issued, it carries the Euro<26 logo, which is used to mark the places offering advantages and discounts.

The International Student ID Card, Youth Travel Card and Teacher Card offers holders over 28,000 discounts worldwide.

Phone Cards

When you're abroad, it can cost you a lot of money to make or receive calls. A new EU regulation limits the roaming costs: For making a call you can only pay 35 Cents, for receiving calls and sending texts 11 cents. Receiving texts is always free.

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