Monday, January 22, 2018
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The projects are the materialized outcome of the complex world of YOUTH, the live examples of the five Actions, the results of the effort made by many many youngsters and the people who work with them. In this section we want to give you information about as much projects as possible. Why? On the one side, because you will be able to see what other people like you did at the same time that they have the opportunity to show it to a new group of spectators. On the other side, because we think this source of examples can be a valuable tool for organizations in many ways: to take useful ideas, stimulate their imagination, learn from successful projects, and avoid mistakes that have already been done. Apart from this, because the most important part of a project is probably the human part, in the section Feedback we want to give a place to those people involved in a project to talk about it. Of course, if you cannot find your project in the list or you just got a project approved, don't wait to tell us!

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