Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Future Capital



Once you have a defined idea, it can be useful to discuss it with the National Agency.

Keep in mind the priorities that the N.A. use to approve and fund projects. These are:


  • Young people or a local communityfuture capital
  • Projects integrated into a specific project aiming at increasing employability.
  • Projects connected with the experience acquired during European Voluntary Service.



Apply just to one National Agency.

Make a realistic economic preview: you will have to follow your plan after!

You must give receipts for all the money you get from the program (food included) You are only allowed to vary your plan in a little percentage (around 20%). The receipts over a certain amount (around 30 €) must have your name on.

Make a realistic schedule of tasks: you will also have to follow it and they may control it at a medium point of the project.

Make a realistic description: you will have to do everything you wrote (for example, if you say you will make a web site in four languages, you must do it in these four languages).

Do not plan your project as a full time job. The program does not cover all your costs because you are expected to have at least a part-time job during your project. On one side, this will take you time, so you must plan your project thinking that you will not have all day to work with it. On the other side, you must think if you can get this other source of money in the place where you want to do your project.




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