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Action 4




This sub-Action supports the training of those active in youth work and youth organisations in this field, in particular project leaders, youth advisers and supervisors in these projects. It also supports the exchange of experiences, expertise and good practice between those active in youth work and youth organisations, as well as activities which may lead to the establishment of long-lasting, high quality projects, partnerships and networks.


What is a Training and Networking Project?

A Training and Networking project can be of two types:

  • a project promoting exchanges, cooperation and training in the field of youth work. It will be developed with a view to implementing an Activity which supports capacity-building and innovation among promoters, as well as the exchange of experience, expertise and good practice among those who are involved in youth work
  • a project leading to the development of further projects under the Youth in Action Programme. It will be developed with a view to implementing an Activity which helps all potential promoters to prepare and develop new projects under the Youth in Action Programme, notably by ensuring support and know-how for the development of the projects; support for partner-finding; tools and means to improve the quality of the projects.

A project has three phases:

  • planning and preparation
  • implementation of the Activity
  • evaluation (including reflection on a possible follow-up).

Non-formal learning principles and practice are reflected throughout the project.

Training and Networking Activity

A Training and Networking (T&N) project is developed with a view to implementing one of the following Activities:

Job Shadowing (Practical learning experience) — A short stay with a partner organisation in another country with the aim of exchanging good practices, acquiring skills and knowledge and/or building long-term partnerships through participative observation.

Feasibility Visit — A short meeting with potential partners to explore and/or prepare for a potential trans-national project. Feasibility meetings aim to improve and develop existing cooperation and/or to prepare a future project within the Youth in Action Programme.

Evaluation Meeting — A meeting planned with partners, aiming to evaluate past meetings, seminars, training courses. These meetings help partners to evaluate and discuss potential follow-up after undertaking a common project.

Study Visit — An organised study programme, for a short period, that offers a view of youth work and/or youth policy provisions in one country. Study visits focus on a theme and consist of visits and meetings to different projects and organisations in a chosen country.

Partnership-building Activity — An event organised with a view to allow participants to find partners for trans-national co-operation and/or for project development. Partnership-building brings together potential partners and facilitates the development of new projects around a chosen topic and/or an Action of the Youth in Action Programme.

Seminar — An event organised to provide a platform for discussion and exchange of good practice, based on theoretical inputs, around a chosen theme or themes which are relevant to the youth work field.

Training Course — An educational learning programme on specific topics, aiming to improve participants’ competences, knowledge, skills and attitudes. Training courses lead to higher quality practice in youth work in general and/or, specifically, Youth in Action projects.

Networking — Combination or series of activities aiming to create new networks, or to strengthen and widen existing networks under the Youth in Action Programme.

Information about the criteria can be found in the Youth in Action Programme.

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What else should you know about a Training and Networking Project?

Multi-Measure projects - Action 4.3

Training and Networking Activities can be part of a Multi-Measure project under Action 4.3.


Every person who has taken part in a Youth in Action project under Action 4.3 (Training Courses) is entitled to receive a Youthpass Certificate, which describes and validates the non-formal and informal learning experience acquired during the project (learning outcomes). Furthermore, Youthpass is to be considered as a process of becoming aware, reflecting on and documenting the learning within the different phases of the project. For more information on Youthpass, please consult Part A of this Guide as well as the Youthpass guide and further relevant material presented at www.youthpass.eu.

Example of a Training and Networking project

A seminar centred on the thematic of gender-based violence took place in Italy and involved 25 participants from 11 Programme Countries. The participants were social workers, volunteers, directors of associations, working on matters related to gender violence among youth. Through this seminar, participants had the opportunity to share their expertise and experience at European level, discussing and presenting tools and approaches to deal with gender-based violence in youth work. The objective of the seminar was also to make participants aware of opportunities provided by Youth in Action. The project evaluation was an integral part of the seminar and was carried out at different stages.


More information about Training and Networking projects can be obtained from the official Youth in Action Programme.


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